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    2. wheres justin

    3.the plot begins

    4. finding brad getting him back

    5. a new friends

    6. the truth comes out

    6. nightmare frights

    8. TBA

    9. Tthrough the buffers part 1

    10. where are we

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    brad. well this is it I can't belive this may be are final chance togther. 

    justrin comes in.

    justin. hey guys this is are final day here we have to go to paris guys move it move it move it, NOW.

    brad. oh COME ON I just met this person and I love her.

    justin. uh it's a engine and oh my gosh seriesly you could find maney new engine.

    nang. he's right, we need to go to paris, NOW.

    cloe. he's right japinezz is right.

    molly. well there right mabey I should go, now.

    brad thinking. wow now it's getting awkward.

    m,olly leaves.

    brad. wow that was complited now let's go.

    brad leaves.

    brad. wow I love her so much.

    cloe. wow I do have a major crush on brad now what do I do I'm scard what if he does n…

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    small update.

    December 31, 2013 by Owen thomas wiki

    guys I've dicided to make a saving the world fanficton on here comming up.

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    this is a update in season 2 because season 2 is coming in eather febuarry or march or april..

    albrock appears in a bordor.

    nang is apart of the main cast even thought he was never seen in season 1.

    it will have flashbacks from the moments in brads life.

    their will be two part episodes.

    the movie before season two will be about brad and the origin of him.

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    the caps will be on each chapter so they can see it clear

                                                                                                                        CHAPTER 1

    ivo huge .so sir robert noremby why did you call us down here it's time for us to take are christmas trains.

    sir robert noremby. oh well there they are

    thomas. oh well this is unexspected

    later that next morning.

    gordon. james may you take my train today.

    james. I will try but I have to take a very important train.

    thomas oh let me guess, the sarcasme train.

    james no are you taking the bully train.


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    the questin of the week is

    how many train could thomas paint

    the answer will be in the video link witch will be added in later.

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    now when you look at the tittle you think what this can't be a thomas series, well your wrong. earth has to do with thomas and percy get stuck in the real worldand meet the non talking versions of some engines they have met already in the past. those following engines are the flying scotsman, iron duke, green arrow and a few more I can't reveal yet tge trailer is comming soon

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    next up for youtube

    November 16, 2013 by Owen thomas wiki

    hey guys some new 1. I'm gettin furgus right now and have a new series called herific heros episode 2 wil be about furgus anfd bullying people also new movie called rails vs everythin hop you like it

    now after like in a few months nim making a new movie call proteus back on the wild side fetaures the narrow gauge engines

    now if you guys go to comunity center on wiki I've posted the series episode tittles for saving the world and after saving the world there will be a sequal to the series called brads famus railway tails now justin will still be in the series brda oveusly in the series now cloe will be in the series even though shes a recrut not a engine from the railway well she quits and stays with brad on the railway

    so ya just a update on …

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    so guys I wanna say if you think his name is rad or anyhtung else but brad you had your4 volumae to low his name is brad and he is best friends with justin now that is the name of the blog post well kind of it is all about justin and brad being friends

    a little trivea about brad is that before he worked on the railwy that he lives on now in the series with justing by his side he was a engine in the works and I will make deleed sences of the first episode ok

    some more stuff you should know about brad and his railway is that he never mentoned the railways name not even in episode  the sotrry of my life leaving us with the question were is he from and your answer is that you will find that out in a diffrent season

    some stuff about justin is that…

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    now guys you don't know what saving the world is well evry on here dose exsept for the people who have not watched it now thomas fan is aculy a voice actor for that series as justin but we will get to him in a diffrent blog post so any way on to mike in my series

    mike is first going to be seen in episode 2 come on trucks now the episode I will get to later but now it is time to talk about mike and trivea about mike in my series

    mike and his railway are all standerd gauge just like thomas, lady and also brad is a standerd gauge engine too so ya

    mike will start off as a nice and kind of shy engine because he has a secret no one must know and it is that he lost his wistle so he travels around the forest but hopfuly in the episode after this next…

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    new thomas roblox series called roblox railway series

    season 1 episodes

    1. busy complaint

    2. a harvest for a new bigining

    3. bocos cobo friend

    4. wheels of wilbert

    5.  right with being late

    6. the bigin of proteus

    7.  three accounts and a little pig

    8.  try your best

    9. create the fall

    10. tent train

    11. stolaway from the enamies

    12. whats the future

    13. go thomas go

    14. spin out of passengers

    15. before christmas

    movie runaway breakaway

    season 2 cofermd tittles

    home for the holladays

    construction trouble

    jock and yhe sodor\arelsdale christmas

    a royel visit

    a festive suprise

    not well

    jock good but sick

    arelsdale nightmare

    chuck and clucks origon

    legend of arelsdale nights

    ulstead engine

    must pull train

    out of order

    need 2 episode tittles for season 2 but I will let you g…

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    • Quest 89 promos


    • Thomas Wooden Railway Discussions


    • Quest 89 Episodes
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    The promo is here for episode 2!

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  • Thomasfanfromyoutube

    The introduction for Quest 89 will be uploaded to YouTube soon!

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